Pipedrive consultants deliver professional support

I admit: Pipedrive is really easy to use. So what do you need a Pipedrive consultant for? So watjch out, spoiler alert! You do not need one. If you have a lot of time. Time for

Or you can tell your Pipedrive consultant what you want to do. And she or he will show you how to get there quickly and easily. You are already convinced? Then click here for a first talk.

Experience of more than 100 Pipedrive consulting projects

Your Pipedrive consultants at PD Experts have helped more than 100 companies use or implement Pipedrive. All these companies have one thing in common: They work with a sales focus. But that was it. The processes are different throughout and so are the rest of the requirements. But there’s hardly a need that your Pipedrive consultants haven’t heard and can’t pull best practices for it out of their sleeves.

Consulting by a Pipedrive Elite Partner

Pipedrive itself has created new levels of certification in 2019. PD Experts has achieved the highest level of certification Consulting, advice and support for Pipedrive at the top level and can proudly display the “Pipedrive Elite Partner” badge on its website. Two theoretical exams on technical and practical knowledge, a certain number of satisfied customers and also a certain number of trained employees are prerequisites for this. Pipedrive also has a vested interest in having its licensed customers supported by well-trained partners. According to statistics, a company supported by a Pipedrive consultant uses the CRM 4 times longer than if they try it on their own! And that’s why Pipedrive goes out of its way to support its reliable partners to the best of its ability.

Founding member of the Pipedrive Partner Association

However, it is not only the experience with customers and the support of Pipedrive that is important in helping to ensure successful use. For international knowledge exchange, the Pipedrive consultants of PD Experts 2020 have founded the Pipedrive Partner Association. A bi-weekly meeting with other Pipedrive implementation partners is thought for sharing specific requirements, best practices or even other tools. If you are a Pipedrive partner yourself, apply here.

How can PD Expert’s Pipedrive consultants help you?

You can roughly differentiate between 2 groups:

  1. CRM Implementation: You are looking for the right CRM or are about to start with Pipedrive.
  2. Pipedrive-User: You already work with Pipedrive and want to get even more out of it.

Pleasefind details here.

Let’s talk!

Could this approach be the right one for you? Then contact your Pipedrive consultants. And if not: Likewise! We are sure to find a good way for you and your colleagues to work with Pipedrive permanently and with satisfaction.

No matter which channel you choose: You will receive a response within the next 24 hours at the latest.